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National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

Implementation = Evaluating the potential ES&H impacts to quality of life for proposed actions BEFORE acting

The NEPA requires Fermilab to consider the potential impacts to people's quality of life prior to initiating any action, from a purchase requisition to a large-scale project like Project X. These considerations include potential impacts to human health, the natural environment, and the built environment (constructed surroundings).

The terms of NEPA must be met during the proposal/planning phase of an action/project and the evaluation should begin as soon as there is enough information to engage in meaningful analysis but before it's too late to modify the proposed design.

An interdisciplinary team may be needed for some projects and may consist of those with expertise in ecology, hydrology, geology, meteorology, air quality, land use, health physics, archeology, cultural and historic resources, socioeconomics, environmental justice, human health and safety, transportation, accident analysis, etc.

Components of a NEPA planning process.
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