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ESH&Q Training
Fermilab employees, users, visitors and subcontractors must complete certain Environment, Safety, Health & Quality (ESH&Q) training before engaging in work activities. Training is intended to prepare you to recognize hazards, and to protect yourself and the environment by responding appropriately. Two systems work hand-in-hand to manage your training requirements, ITNA and TRAIN.

ITNA, or Individual Training Needs Assessment, is a questionnaire completed by your supervisor that determines your Individual Training Plan (ITP) based on the job tasks associated with your position. Supervisors or Fermilab points of contact complete the questionnaire because they are familiar with the employee/visitor's job duties, including the associated ESH&Q hazards, and must be updated once a year, or more frequently as job hazards change.

TRAIN is the system that you can use to manage your ITP. The ITP summarizes your training needs in a table. The ITP lists needed courses by name and course code, shows the training completion date, and the due date. As the due date draws near, TRAIN will send reminders to enroll in the course that is about to expire.

Training Bulletins
In accordance with FESHM Chapter 2070, supervisors shall complete an Individual Training Needs Assessment (ITNA) for each employee under their supervision. They shall revise the ITNA on an annual basis, when job assignments, or job-related hazards change, whichever comes first.

Starting June 1, an individual’s ITNA contact is the only person who will be able to complete an ITNA. Your ITNA contact is the person who has the best knowledge of the tasks that you will be assigned and the hazards that you may encounter. For Fermilab employees and contract employees, this is your direct supervisor. For visitors or users, it is your Fermilab contact or the person assigned to perform ITNAs for your experiment.

When performing an ITNA, you will be prompted for your Services user name and password. If you are unable to perform an ITNA, your direct supervisor should be able to complete that task for you. In extremely limited and rare circumstances, a proxy can be given rights to complete ITNAs for those directly reporting to you. A TRAIN notification will be sent when an individual’s job changes, when a person moves to a new organization, or when the ITNA contact changes, prompting the need for a revised ITNA.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to your division safety officer or a member of the ESH&Q Training Group at

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